• When to use Logo Files:
    In any circumstance when you are placing the logos on materials [i.e. t-shirts or printing] USe the EPS vector files to ensure the best quality. If you are working in a Microsoft program or another program that can not cater to a vector file, you may use the PNG files. Any new orders should contain new logos. PNG's are preferred over JPEGs as they will not get flattened with a white box behind it.

    When you download the logo you can then use or send this versiont oothers. Each time you use the logo, please go through this procedure so that you have the latest version of the logo.

    Logo File Type Summary:
    .jpg - most common image file format
    .png - better quality file than JPEG, trasparent background
    .ai - artwork file used to crate EPS and PDF files
    .eps - vector format designed for printing; considered the best choice of graphics format for high resolution printing of illustrations


Main Logo

Secondary Logo