• Careers is offered as part of the Ag 9 course. This 9th grade course is offered to get students to start thinking about careers they may be interested in when they get older. By identifying careers they are interested in now, they can then make better decisions in the future as to what classes they should be taking while they are in high school. Topics covered include determine what it costs to live, identifying career areas they are interested in, what kind of back ground information do they need in that career, what kind of training/schooling do they need for that career, and what does it take to get that needed education/background. This course is not meant to lock the student into any particular career, but rather to get them to start thinking about what they may like to do when they are older and how can they start to prepare themselves while in high school for whatever career they decide to choose.

    Careers Essential Standards

    1. Identify what it costs to live.
    2. Identify the difference between a career and a job.
    3. Identify different compensation packages (salary, hourly pay, benefits)
    4. Identify type and amount of training needed for different careers (ie on the job, tech, or university).
    5. Identify the difference between private and public schools.
    6. Identify the difference between tech schools, four year schools, and graduate programs.
    7. Identify military options and if they are right for you individually.
    8. Discuss how students can use hobbies and personal interest to make a living.
    9. Discuss how past family history may or may not affect your career decisions.
    10. Identify what students need to do in high school to achieve their desired career after school