• RCW Ag Department Expectations

    1. Students are expected to be in their assigned seats by the time the bell rings.

    2. Students are expected to bring with them all materials they will need for class. This includes proper dress for the days activities, which will include proper work clothes (jeans and a long sleeved shirt for welding, hair ties if the student has long hair, closed toe shoes, etc), chromebooks, pencil. Most ag classes are hands on, you may get dirty, so plan ahead.

    3. No food or beverages are allowed in the shop areas.

    4. All safety rules need to be followed at all times. Failure to follow rules can result in permanet removal from class. Horsseplay of any kind will not be allowed and can result in removal from class.

    5. No ear buds, cell phones or other electronic devices are allowed in class without specific permission from the instructor.

    6. Students are responsible for the costs of all projects that they plan to take home with them at the end of the year.

    7. No harrassment of any kind is acceptable.

    8. Remeber this is a school, and school appropriate language is expected. ie, No Swearing!