Testing at RCW

School and State Assessment Requirements

  • Regular assessment of student progress is a normal component of an effective educational system.  At Renville County West, elementary students participate in district and state assessments as a means of measuring student growth toward academic standards.  The district has adopted the STAR assessments in early literacy, reading, and math.  These assessments are conducted 3-4 times a year to determine baseline and growth related to grade level standards.  In addition, the district participates in statewide MCA/MTAS/WIDA ACCESS tests on an annual basis.  

    The district testing schedule is as follows:

    RCW Testing Dates  2021-2022 

    August-  August 30th – Fall STAR testing begins (K-11th Grade)   

    September - September 10th - Fall STAR testing ends (K–11th Grade)   

    October-   October 12th – ASVAB (11th Graders)  October 13th - PSAT (Preregistered 11th Graders)   

    December-   December 6th – Winter STAR Testing begins (K-11th grade)   December 17th – Winter Star testing ends (K– 11th Grade)   

    January-  January 31st – ACCESS for English Learner Students (Reading, Speaking, Listening, and Writing K-11th grade)   

    March-  March 7th – MCA and MTAS begin 3rd-11th Grade (Math 3rd-8th, 11th, Reading 3rd-8th, 10th, and Science 5th, 8th, High School Biology) 

    March 25th – ACCESS ends   

    April-  April 5th- ACT (11th Graders) – Renville Community Center         April 25th – Spring STAR testing begins (K-11th Grade)   

    May-  May 6th – Reading and Math MCA and MTAS ends      May 9th – Spring STAR testing ends (K-11th Grade)      May 13th - Science MCA ends