• 2015 Fall Play: Mixed Up Messages

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to report the news on TV? Find out as Noah Lot (but does he really know a lot?) and Ima Starr (who uses the news camera as a one way ticket to Hollywood) bumble their way through the evening news. But what are they reporting?

    Middle school students Sebastian and Emily are on an investigation to uncover why things are missing from the school cafeteria. Meet Hilda, the cook who has something to hide, Igor the Russian, who is desperate to please his family, and Shirley Noseall, a reporter from the newspaper who needs a headline story to save her job. And let's not forget the policemen who will look anywhere to throw someone in jail.

    With cameos from the characters Roger Thatt, Dixie Kupp, Marsha Mallow, and many more, this play has everything for those with serious acting skills to others who want to join the fun with several small parts. Mixed Up Messages not only teachers good work ethics, it leaves the audience entertained, including a curtain call like no other!

    Performances will be Thursday, November 19th for the Student Body, and Friday and Saturday, November 20th and 21st for the Community. All performances will be at the Bob Bruggers Auditorium in Danube.

    Mrs. Kramin, Director
    Mrs. Babbitt, Assistant Director
    Taylor Travis, Student Director