Black Butterfly, Jaguar Girl, Piñata Woman, and Other Superhero Girls, Like Me

  • The RCW One Act Play Community Performance of “Black Butterfly, Jaguar Girl, Piñata Woman, and Other Superhero Girls, Like Me” by Luis Alfaro will be held on Sunday, January 29th at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. at the Bob Bruggers Auditorium in Danube.  A dessert/beverage fundraiser of Hispanic flavors will be held after the performances.  Please plan to attend this performance and watch as the RCW One Act Team shares insights to the Latina culture through monologues and music.  All proceeds from the fundraiser will be put towards a live theater production fieldtrip for students in the Drama Club.

    This play was presented for competition at Montevideo on Saturday, January 28th, 2017 and received a second place rating.  The RCW One Act advanced to Sections in Redwood Falls on Saturday, February 4th and received a 4th place rating out of eight schools.  Congratulations, RCW One Act on your success!

Stroke Static by Lindsay Price

  • Stroke Static by Lindsay Price

    This year the One Act students produced the play Stroke Static by Lindsay Price. A highlight of this play was receiving emails from the playwright asking us if we had any questions, and also giving us suggestions for the characters she created. Another highlight was having Mrs. Isfeld create the most colorful, unique set that our One Act plays have had yet.

    In this play you will meet Russ. Russ is an eighty-three year-old man in a nursing home struggling with multi-infarct dementia, which means in his mind he sees himself as a boy of eighteen, even though he is an old man. Sometimes you will see the young Russ, and other times you will see the old Russ. He wrestles with reality versus fantasy, and past versus present as he struggles to understand where he is and what is happening to him. The actors tplay a variety of real and imaginary characters in Russ’ mind. He has hallucinations, memory lapses, and lives with this repeated nightmare of being pulled from his memories into his present life every day.

    For those of you who do not understand what dementia is, think of it as the brain beginning to separate and the channels of memory can no longer make a clear connection, similar to electrical wires that are starting to fray and carry a weak current of electricity to an appliance you might be using. We commonly call it Alzheimer’s disease, but this disease comes in many different forms and has other names. Parkinson’s disease is another form of dementia, where the memory affects the muscles, and they begin to shake uncontrollably.

    I would like you to think of a connection you might have with this play, either with Russ, his caretaker, or his granddaughter. I also would like you to look at the set that Mrs. Isfeld made, and think about why she made it this way.

    Stroke Static was presented for competition on Saturday, January 30th, RCW came in 3rd place against Montevideo (1st place) and CMCS (2nd place).