• Library Expectations:

    When in the Library you are expected to be quiet. There are other students and staff coming through the library at all times of the day to work. There are also High School Study Hall Classes that take place some hours of the day in here. 

    Library is held on a Wednesday or Thursday this year. The other time(s) they come will be a Technology Day.

    Checking out books:
    Kindergarten: Each Kindergartener was sent home with a big ziplock bag at the begining of the year, or first visit to the library. Kindergarteners are given these bags so that the books they check out are stored in their backpack away from wet items.
    Grade 1: Each First Grader gets to check out one book. Closer to the middle of the school year they well be able to get to take two books.
    Grade 2: Each Second Grader gets to check out two books.
    Grade 3: Each Third Grader gets to check out two books. They have the option to check out an AR book and a book of their choice.
    Grade 4: Each Fourth Grader gets to check out two books. They have the option to check out an AR book and a book of their choice.
    Grade 5 and up: Each student from Fifth Grade and up has the option to take out two books.

    Renewing Books:
    We encourage renewing the book that is checked out each week, if the student is not finished reading it. A book is overdue after 8 days. 

    Returning Books:
    Book boxes are in each teachers room from Kindergarten to 4th Grade. There are also 2 book return boxes in the library. Books should be returned at 7 days after checkout or brought in sooner. The library is open from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM, books can be brought in at anytime during these hours.

    Overdue Books:
    Books are overdue after 8 days. The overdue list is printed every Wednesday morning and sent home with each student if they have an overdue book. If a book is overdue for more than 1 month, a fine will be listed to their account until the fine is paid or the book is returned. The patron will not be able to check out a book until the book is paid for or returned. If the fine is not paid or the book is not returned, your student will not be able to checkout books from the library.

    Lost or Damaged Books:
    Lost or damaged books should be paid for. Please do not buy a replacement book, most of our books have special bindings that will be able to tolerate more use than a normal store bought book. 

    Book Donations:
    YES PLEASE!! If the book is in pretty good condition, please think of donating it into our circulation. We accept all kinds.