• Snow day activities continued

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  • Snow Day Activties

    Here is a list of activties you can do with your child on a snow day when there is no school.  

    *Read with Me As you are reading a story to your child point out the pictures in the book as you read.  Let your child chime in with the reading and answer her/his questions.  You might ask:what is your favorite part of the story? Can you tell me something about the story? Can you find the first letter of your name on this page?  What do you think might happen next?  What makes you think that?

    *Talk about Letters with Me Point out letters in the environment and have your child write the letters down on a piece of paper that he/she have found.  Find the letters on cereal boxes, can labels, grocery ads, magazines, and catalogs, etc.

    *Write with Me Have your child help you write a grocery lists, a thank you cards, and/or invitation,draw pictures and write stories together.

    *Puzzle Name Write your child's name with big font on a piece of paper.  Cut out his/her name like a puzzle and have your child put togeher his/her name.  

    *Write in Shaving Cream Place an amount of shaving cream on a cookie sheet and have your child and write letters of the alphabet in the cream by using her/his fingers. 

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