Children learn best when they are interested and engaged in activtities.  Young children thrive on active, hands-on experiences.  We believe in child-centered and play-based learning.  We encourage children to explore by using their senses and imaginations.  Children learn by "doing" in a safe and developmentally appropriate enviornment.  Many opportunities, including a healthy balance of teacher-directed and child-lead activties, allow for the development of social, emotional, cognitive, language, creative, science, sensory, and motor skills.  We believe in authentic learning experiences, taking advantage of "teachable moments." 

    RCW preschool offers a developmentally appropriate learning experience that fosters the skills children will need in kindergarten, including social and emotional skills, cognitive, language and literacy, math and science, fine motor and gross motor skills and many other exciting experiences.  Because play is a young child's "work", play and many other hands-on experiences are an important part of your child's day.  playing with other students, children learn problem solving skills, sharing, creativity, imagination, development of relationships, and much more.  We offer a fun, safe, and caring learning environment that seeks to meet the needs of every child, enriching their days with endless learning opportunities.  

    Preschool students in Skills for School will be learning from World of Wonder curriculum.  World of Wonder curriculum has comprehensive lessons and high-interest activties that engage children and meet developmental learning goals.  The curriculum places emphasis on a set of foundational skills that predict success in kindergarten.  Children will be assessed using the Early Growth Indicators Benchmark Assessment and DRDP assessment.  

    Also, the Early Learning Second Step Curriculum is taught throughout the school year.  It's knowing how to learn and get along with others.  The Second Step program teaches skills in the following areas: Skills for Learning, Empathy, Emotion Management, Friendship Skills and Problem Solving.