Remembering Sacred Heart

  • This web page is dedicated to the remembrance of the Sacred Heart School.  The Sacred Heart School was formed and built in 1901 as a rectangular, two-story building.  There were subsequent additions to the building in 1929, 1953,1964, and 1974. The Sacred Heart School operated as a single school district until the 1981-1982 school year when Sacred Heart paired to form the Renville/Sacred Heart School District.  Correspondingly, the Danube School District joined Renville/Sacred Heart in the 1988-1989 school year to form a new district called Danube/Renville/Sacred Heart.  These moves formed the foundation of the school today, with these same three schools and communities consolidating to form the Renville County West Independent School District #2890. The Sacred Heart school building was a part of the Renville County West School District for many years until declining enrollment forced its programmatic closure in 2009.  The facilities were used for extra-curricular and adult recreation activities for a few years before the building was completely closed in 2014. 

    The District has put together this web page complete with interviews of former students and staff sharing memories of their experiences at Sacred Heart School as well as many pictures of the events that took place over the years in the Sacred Heart School.  While the brick and mortar of the building may be gone, the memories of the Sacred Heart School will always remain.  We hope you enjoy this page and its content.