Mrs. Grove

Mrs. Grove
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New Teacher

New Teacher
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Mrs. Grove

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    A little about myself...

    I was born in Long Beach, CA. My family moved to Granite Falls when I was 5. I graduated from Granite Falls HS and I was a Kilowatt! I attended Concordia College in Moorhead, MN and graduated with a double major in Psychology and Elementary Education. After graduating, I taught 5th grade at the Grand Forks Air Force Base. We moved back to Granite in 1997 after the flood in Grand Forks. I worked on my Masters at SMSU and graduated with my Masters in Educational Leadership in 1999.  I've taught at RCW since 1998, starting in Belview, then to Sacred Heart, onto Danube, now in Renville. I've seen and experienced the many changes at RCW. 

    I am currently in my 29th year of teaching, and enjoying my 5th graders! I love being an effective, caring, lifelong educator! 

    GO JAGS!!!!

    Sometimes parents will ask their child, "Do you have any homework tonight?" I like to recommend to parents, not to ask that question, but rather give your child the opportunity to read for 15-20 minutes every night and study their spelling words for a few minutes. Simply KNOW that that's the homework for every night. Sometimes your child may have a homelink for math, but not every night.

    Also, if your child doesn't finish any of their daily work, the student should bring that home to finish. All children work at different speeds, and some may not have work to bring home, but every child should read every night.

    Please don't work for more than an hour though. Our lives are so busy, and children need to get to bed early. A good night's sleep is so important! Yet, we all know there are nights when we just get home at 8:00. As a parent myself, I realize how busy we all are. All we can do is..... our best!

New Teacher



Important Documents

  • Snow Day Activity

    Our snow day protocol for tech days will be:

    If you don't have an ipad home with you, you will be given paper copies of the assignments PRIOR to the snow day. Please keep these in a spot where you can easily obtain and remember them. They will be due when school resumes.


    For those with ipads-

    Contact will be made via email and your assignments will be on GOOGLE CLASSROOM, SHOWBIE, PEARSON, and THINKCENTRAL. You will also be able to go onto IXL, PRODIGY, MOBYMAX, and READTHEORY.

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