What does the evaluation process look like?

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Although each evaluation is different, there are certain steps that are taken with each evaluation.

After a referral is made, the residing school district early intervention specialist (typically the early childhood special education teacher) will contact you to set up a home visit. During this initial contact, the ECSE will ask about what the main concerns are in order to determine which tests and related service providers are appropriate to include in the evaluation process. 

After the tests are determined, a "Prior Written Notice" is created. A PWN is a list of tests that will be included in the evaluation. Each evaluation contains a developmental history interview, hearing and vision check, and at least 1 observation. Permission is required to start testing a child. 

Evaluations typically take place in the child's natural environment (home, daycare, or school). The child's skills are tested through questioning, pictures, and manipulative toys. After testing is completed, an evaluation is written and a meeting is set up to discuss the results.